Treatment of Cerebral Palsy

Children with cerebral palsy constitute a diverse clinical group that is very different in terms of locomotor, mental, and social development. As every patient is unique, it is not possible to apply only one multipurpose method of rehabilitation. Therefore, flexibility is required in order to combine different forms and methods of medical rehabilitation (conventional and unconventional) with correctional psychological and educational work.

Therapy should not be unidirectional. Unfortunately, traditional methods of physical therapy do not always allow medical specialists to achieve the desired result. Only by integrating the various influences of different treatment modalities may the desired result be achieved. One of these multiple rehabilitation methods for patients with cerebral palsy is the Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System (INRS), also known as the Kozyavkin Method, the name of its author.

The Kozyavkin Method – the Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System (INRS) – represents a highly effective technology for treating patients with cerebral palsy, osteochondrosis, trauma complications, and organic lesions of the nervous system.
Biochemical correction of the spine and large joints constitutes a major component of our methodology; it is also combined with a complex of other therapeutic measures:
reflexotherapy, remedial exercises, massage treatments, rhythmic gymnastics, mechanotherapy, and apitherapy. We have developed a program for biodynamic movement correction, using the Spiral suit, in order to form proper movement patterns.

By stimulating compensatory possibilities in the child’s body and activating the plasticity of the brain, this system creates a new functional state in the child’s body, giving the physical therapist the opportunity to enhance the child’s motor and mental development more rapidly.

The versatile therapeutic effects of this method, which complement and potentiate each other, are aimed at achieving the main target in rehabilitation, namely, improving the patient’s lifestyle. It is important to point out that this system is not an alternative to other rehabilitation methods; it only complements and substantially broadens the effectiveness of existing rehabilitation methods. Created as a result of INRS, the patient’s new functional state is set against a background of normalized muscle tone, restored joint mobility, improved trophism and blood circulation, thus opening up entirely new opportunities for the child’s development and improving the effectiveness of other rehabilitation methods:

The Kozyavkin Method was developed in Ukraine twenty years ago, and since then, more than 40,000 patients from 63 countries have gone through rehabilitation treatment using this system.

More than fifty families from the USA have visited Ukraine more than once, and successfully completed the course of intensive neurorehabilitation. This rehabilitation system was officially recognized in Ukraine back in 1993, and has gained wide international recognition thanks to its effectiveness. In 1997, the Kozyavkin Method was listed among the top four most effective conservative treatments for patients with cerebral palsy in the encyclopedia edition of Children’s Orthopedics, edited by the reputed German scholar, Prof. Niethard.

A statistical analysis of medical data concerning 12,256 patients, who went through the rehabilitation treatment course according to the Kozyavkin Method, confirmed the excellent performance of the system

Normalization of muscle tone was noted in 94% of the patients, and skills in head control in the supine position in 75% of the patients; 62% of the patients, who had been incapable of sitting, mastered this skill; 19% of the patients, who had been incapable of walking, mastered assistance-free gait; after their rehabilitation course, 87% of the patients could open their spastically clenched fist.

Rehabilitation treatments according to the Kozyavkin Method are carried out in Lviv and Truskavets (Ukraine). In July 2003, along with the Elita Rehabilitation Center and the Institute for Medical Rehabilitation, the International Clinic of Rehabilitation opened in Truskavets, taking into consideration special features of rehabilitation for patients with cerebral palsy.

Already in 1993 the rehabilitation system has been officially recognized by the Ukrainian government. Due to the high level of success with the Kozyavkin Method, it has received international approval and has been included in the encyclopedic edition of child orthopedics by the well-known German professor Frits Niethard (1997) as one of the four most effective approaches to the rehabilitation of Cerebral Palsy.

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