Beware of swindlers!


Dear patients and their parents! Recently, more often occur cases where under the brand name ” Prof. Kozyavkin method ” work people having no relation to the International Clinic of Rehabilitation team.

We bring to your notice that the Kozyavkin method – Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System (SINR) is an intellectual property product of professor Kozyavkin and has an international patent.

Therefore, in the world nobody works on the Kozyavkin method, except those medical institutions led by Volodymyr Kozyavkin himself.

If you have addressed to pseudo-medical institutions allegedly working under the brand name “International Clinic of professor Kozyavkin” or to the pseudo-doctors saying they work by the Prof. Kozyavkin method we declare that the International Clinic of Rehabilitation isn’t responsible for incompetent and unqualified actions of these pseudo-specialists and for all the complications related with these actions or side negative effects.

Please note that you can undergo a rehabilitation course by Prof. Kozyavkin method contacting the following medical institutions only:

tel: +357 253-13-338   +357 99-80-51-51

Akropoleos 29, 7101 Aradhippou, Larnaca