Due to the high demand for medical services and the growing number of children with diseases of the central nervous system, the International Clinic of Rehabilitation has decided to open subsidiaries outside Ukraine, namely a new international branch in Cyprus.  In August 2014 in cooperation with specialists of Chr. Toumazis Physiotherapy Center we established a multifunctional rehabilitation centre in Larnaca, Cyprus.



Cyprus was not chosen by chance. Compared to other options, the Republic of Cyprus has the most favourable geographical location in Europe. In terms of therapeutic procedures and medical treatments, Cyprus integrates all the conditions required for treatment of children with CP. The island offers patients a great opportunity to combine their medical treatment with a wonderful holiday in a country where the sun shines almost 365 days a year; they can also enjoy its remarkable natural resources, such as fresh sea air, clean water, an abundance of fruits and vegetables (vitamin therapy), and learn its history, culture and national traditions.

Cyprus has one of the mildest and healthiest climates in the world, and that is why there are so many centenarians living there. In addition, it has 300 days of sunshine per year. In winter, the average temperature is +15°C, but it gets colder in the mountains. Cyprus is very beautiful and picturesque in spring. From February to March, many wildflowers cover the meadows and fields: red tulips, gladioli, irises, lilies and orchids. Sun lovers and sports fans can enjoy the long summer season when temperatures reach +35°C and it is warm enough to sunbathe in the Mediterranean sun and have a swim in crystal-clear sea waters. Especially beautiful are the summer evenings, when the temperature drops, a fresh sea breeze blows, and you can sit in a café, enjoying traditional Cypriot dishes and sipping excellent local wine, which was so renowned in ancient times.



All these factors, combined with the professional work of our specialists, have contributed to creating an excellent basis and environment for effective and harmonious treatment of our patients and their quick recovery.

The new International Clinic of Rehabilitation attends to 45 or more patients during a two-week period. Our best medical workers and support staff are directly engaged in creating a patient-centred culture.

The Cyprus Centre administers and manages medical rehabilitation that includes therapeutic measures for recovery, rehabilitation and compensation of disturbed and lost motor functions, and prevention of disease complications.

The Centre (branch) is dedicated to providing comprehensive and complete treatment to adults and children with organic lesions of the nervous system, patients with cerebral palsy and other neurological diseases in accordance with modern requirements of medical science and complex therapeutic rehabilitation techniques. The treatment is based on a method developed and patented by Professor Kozyavkin – the Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System (INRS), which is constantly being improved.

The INRS includes a set of non-traditional methods and techniques used to create a new functional state in the human body in view of activating internal protective, compensatory and adaptive capabilities.

The Centre provides outpatient services. The calendar year is broken down into eight treatment sessions. One treatment session lasts 14 days. The Centre accepts 30-40 patients for one session. Patients must be accompanied by a person who stays and cares for them (parents, guardians, etc.). This requirement is imposed for the following reasons:

1. Patients with cerebral palsy are like persons with disabilities and so need constant care.

2. Patients adapt more quickly during treatment if their caregiver is present.

3. Caregivers learn medical and rehabilitation skills that they can use at home.

4. Caregivers are permanently in touch with the doctor and advised of the patient’s condition.

Our special approach lies in intense and individual neurorehabilitation: each patient is accompanied by five to six specialists every day. The procedure lasts 3-3.5 hours a day, six days a week for two weeks.

The Centre`s highly qualified and motivated staff – physicians, neurologists, pediatricians, doctors, reflexologist, orthopedists, massage therapists, rehabilitation specialists, etc., do their utmost to help each patient reach a certain level of success.

We aim at providing each patient with the best personal care and most effective and intensive rehabilitation treatment for a better and independent life.




The clinic does not provide booking services, but we highly recommend the hotels mentioned below.

Most of our patients choose to stay in the following hotels:


Sveltos Hotel***
Arhbishop Makarios Str.
7041 Larnaca, Cyprus
Tel: +357 248 249 00/ Fax: +357 248 249 01

Princess Hotel 4*
7041- Larnaca
Tel: +357 24 645 500
Fax: +357 24 645 508



Hotels are just 10 minutes from the clinic.

The cost of living in these hotels depends on the patient’s age, the number of accompanying persons and the type of occupied rooms.

tel: +357 253-13-338   +357 99-80-51-51

Akropoleos 29, 7101 Aradhippou, Larnaca