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Lara Neureiter

Demirci Murat Mert
18.09 – 02.10.2016

Mohamed Kenda
18.09 – 02.10.2016

We are very pleased with the rehabilitation provided. Excellent results have been achieved thanks to the Professor Kozyavkin method and territorial proximity to the sea. Luba has become more confident in her abilities, better feel her body, balance and equilibrium. She began to climb and descend the stairs by herself for the first time. After exercising in the pool, she starts to move more in the water, begins to swim and dive independently without fear. After therapies at the clinic she reinforces her abilities in the sea.

Stroeva Lyubov
16.05 — 28.05.2016

Treatment is well tolerated, we noticed in the child the mood elevation, the desire to move, joy motion. We are very grateful to specialists of the Professor Kozyavkin clinic and specialists of center of Dr. Chr. Tomazi, we are happy to continue treatment in the future.

Lankin Lev Semenovich
D.O.B. 12.08.2012

When passing a second course of treatment in the clinic of Professor Kozyavkin we noticed a significant decrease in muscle tone, improvement in general condition. I am satisfied with results.

Kel Karina
D.O.B. 15.09.1999

Anton passes 17th treatment course by the method of prof. Kozyavkin, but this time not in Truskavets but in Cyprus. I as a mother am very pleased with results of the treatment. Beyond the usual therapies exercises in the pool are added, which is a good supplement to the basic, essential therapies such as massage, reflexotherapy, facial massage therapy and biomechanical correction of the spine. The whole complex of the treatment has a positive impact on the overall muscle tone that allows increasing the range of motion and gives hope of achieving “new heights” in development.

Zilman Anton
D.O.B. 07.12.2000

We undergone treatment at the clinic in Truskavets for 22 times, we were always satisfied with results of the treatment. In this clinic in Cyprus we are for the first time and we are very satisfied with our results too. Diana very well relaxed and muscle tone has decreased. She can better to go on the left heel. We liked the idea with the pool. Diana became less fearful of water. We really enjoyed with the treatment in the clinic. We hope to come here next time.

Feller Diana
D.O.B. 07.06.2001

We came for the treatment with our son for the first time. Everything is new, many things were not clear in the beginning, but by the middle of the treatment, we have accustomed. The advantage of this treatment in Cyprus is exercises in the pool it very relaxes children. New therapy for us became light therapy. My child liked spinal correction by the Kozyavkin method very much, he become more relaxed.

Popov Ehor Maksimovich
D.O.B. 21.06.2012

Leo began to be more accurate when walking and more stable, confident fine motor skills.
Matvey became relaxed; better sitting, more realizing in his actions.
Anya is very relaxed, jumping on two legs, trying to jump on the right leg. She stops being afraid of the water and almost learned to swim.

Dmitriev Lev, Matvey, Anna Dmitrievny
D.O.B. 04.02.2010

We pass the fourth treatment course by the Kozyavkin method in Cyprus. During the treatment Roman’s muscle tone has decreased. Range of motion has increased. He better holds his head. He wants to do everything, but cannot. All specialists work well and have contact with children. I want to thank you all for a good work. And wish you all health, success in work, family happiness, peace!!!

Kurilovich Roman Olehovich
D.O.B. 11.07.2010

The treatment result very inspiring. Impressions are only positive. Cheerful. Highly qualified professionals, excellent organization of the treatment process, and attentive relation to patients. All work on an excellent result.

Holubev Aleksandr Mikhaylovich
D.O.B. 30.12.2013

As always, I like everything. Special thanks to Taras Lysyak he works hard including with my son too and the result is obvious. In addition, I would like to express my gratitude to Cypriote Misha for the love to the water and the desire to swim, to Mikhail Stepanovich for professionalism in neurology, to Tatiana and of course to Vladimir Illich and Stepan Mikhaylovich for the progress of my child!

Date of birth 17.05.2011
Treatment course from 21.09.2015 by 04.10.2015

Treatment by the Kozyavkin method we pass for the first time and from first days, we noticed positive changes in the child. Rehabilitation of children by the method of INRS is really effective, in our case, during the course the child’s muscle tone has decreased, increased the volume of movements, he began to walk better and use problematic hand. His movements become more coordinated. We are sure that we will continue further rehabilitation courses in the centers of V.I. Kozyavkin. We very grateful to you for a favorable atmosphere that you are creating for our children and for your effective work. Thank you!!!

Tyurin Mikhail Yaroslavovich

We passed the second course of rehabilitation at the clinic of Dr. V.I. Kozyavkin. For the first time we were in Truskavets in 2013, second one – in Cyprus (2015).
Both times there was a significant improvement of the condition. After the first time he was able to step on to the heel and began to use his right hand fully. After the second course has overcome the fear of turning over on his back by himself. The effect of treatment is kept constantly, skills do not go away. Thank you so much!

Polyakov Pavel Antonovich

We, the Preys family, infinitely grateful to Vladimir Illich Kozyavkin and his team for carrying out the treatment of children with cerebral palsy in Cyprus. The method of prof. Kozyavkin is unique and has no analogues in the world. Due to this highly effective treatment in Truskavets (two courses), and then in the city of Larnaca (2 courses), our son Lev has avoided many operations and continues to make huge progress. Hydrotherapy in a warm pool is a pleasant addition to the treatment in the basis of the rehabilitation center of Dr. Tomazis, as well as the opportunity to swim in the Mediterranean Sea. We are incredibly happy!!! Thank you!!!

Preys Lev Pavlovich
Date of birth: 25.07.2000
Treatment course from 20.09.2015 by 04.10.2015

The first group of children received treatment course in the Republic of Cyprus from 28 August to 11 September 2014. The rehabilitation was done according to the method of Professor V. Kozyavkin together with physical therapists of Dr. Tomasi clinic. The group stayed in a Hotel Crown Resorts Henipa in Larnaca.

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