3rd treatment course


The last spring course of the season 2016 has finished.
Excellent results were noted at all children after undergoing the treatment course from May 30, 2016 by June 11, 2016.

Thus, all patients stopped being afraid of the water;
Kirill (6 years old) for the first time began to jump from pool ledge into the water, learned to dive as well as jump in different directions;
Anya (6 years old) has opened the wrist for the first time;
5-year-old Sasha began to descend and climb stairs without support, he learned to play football;
Patricia (14 years) during the course began to walk in the pool and trying to stand on the floor without any support;
8-year-old Kolya began to undress and get dressed by himself for the first time, get up off the floor without help.

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