1st Cerebral Palsy Conference “Introducing the Kozyavkin Method”


On April 26, the First International Conference on the Professor Kozyavkin Method, a modern and highly effective rehabilitation technique designed for patients with cerebral palsy and other neurological diseases, was held at the International Clinic of Rehabilitation in Truskavets, Ukraine.

“We specifically chose the Kozyavkin Method, the professor Kozyavkin and his team, because we believe in the quality of his Method and his treatment. His passion for the children and for what he does, his accomplishments over the years has been really amazing. We were very impressed with that and we wanted to be part of that. We wanted to align and bring what he does in Ukraine to UAE, so we could help our patients in the same way as he does here, in Ukraine.” – says Bassam Sayad, Chief Operating Officer in Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Centre.

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